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1. Be a curious soul and find a little zine booklet. Scan the QR code and fill out the peace form!


2. Decide to bring some chaos and spontaneity into the world.

3. Redistribute the zine you found! You can re hide it somewhere, or give it to a loved one!


4. If you're ready to become a truly chaotic citizen, go make your own. Spread them around, just go make them!

5. To truly embrace community, do it with a friend or loved one! You can even sew a loved one if there's nobody nearby. 


6. Now take a deep breath and find peace in the chaos.


1. What do I make?

A booklet! A zine if you will.


2. How do I make one?

Here's a link to a tutorial.


3. What do I do with it?

  1. Make a love letter to a stranger and photocopy it and leave it somewhere.

  2. Call your mom and say hi. Get her to make one with you.

  3. Make it about all the things that make you angry.

    Then, go to the nearest body of water and kick off your adidas slides and stick your toes in and experience the universe.

    Then, take the zine out of your pocket and read it while your feet soak in the aforementioned nearest body of water.

    Remember how lucky you are to just be alive.

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